Making a telemedicine appointment

If you are a medical practitioner or medical student working in the Northern Territory you can access this service with the initial consult for *free*, then depending on Medicare items following appointments will either be a gap payment or a private fee.

To make an appointment contact us through email or clinic telephone:

Email: or telephone the DHSA Clinic on 8232 1250 (IH)

If your require urgent assistance phone our 24/7 Urgent Advice Line - 8366 0250 or view other crisis support services here.

Northern Territory doctors and medical students -The initial tele-consultation will be subsidised by NT grant funds and provided at no cost to NT doctor-patients. There are available telehealth MBS item numbers for your ongoing care, please discuss this with the GP who you see initially, or phone the DHSA After Hours GPs Clinic on  08 8232 0250 for more information. Also check that there may be the likelihood of an Outreach GP Visit to your town coordinated by the NT program, please contact the team through the Reception email above or at

Our team of telemedicine doctors are:



Dr. Jill Benson has been a GP for over 30 years. She currently works as a GP in a private clinic, in three remote Aboriginal communities in the western desert, in the clinic at Doctors Health SA, as a researcher in the Discipline of General Practice at the University of Adelaide, and as a Medical Educator at GPEx, the South Australian GP Training Organisation. She has just completed her PhD in refugee health.



Dr Lorenzo Ponte brings a wealth of experience and knowledge as a General Practitioner. He graduated from The University of Adelaide in 1996, and did his GP training in rural SA at Minlaton, on the Yorke Peninsula. He completed his Fellowship in 2001, and remained in Minlaton as a rural GP until 2011. He relocated to Adelaide to become the Clinical Director at Uni-Health Playford. Lorenzo started working at Health on Kensington in 2021, and provides 2 sessions a month at Doctors' Health SA. His strong association with University run clinics at Minlaton and Playford fostered an interest in medical education and teaching of undergraduate medical students as well as post graduate GP Registrars. Lorenzo has also worked closely with many International Medical Graduates both as a supervisor and co worker and has developed a very good understanding of the issues they face.



Dr Hema Shankar has been practising medicine in a variety of settings – urban, rural and remote, hospitals and private practice and out in the field with MSF since graduating from Flinders University in 2002. Her breadth of experience includes ICU, ED, ophthalmology, dermatology and Indigenous health. She has worked with the displaced Rohingya population in Bangladesh and with disadvantaged Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory, Queensland and WA. Since completing her fellowship in General Practice in 2012, she has worked in rural and remote locations all over Australia, often as a solo practitioner. Having been involved in the education, training and supervision of medical students, junior doctors and IMGs, she understands the challenges that face doctors in the rapidly evolving field of medical practice and service delivery. In her role with Doctors' Health SA she provides peer support to her colleagues enabling them to look after their health and well-being and enjoy productive and fulfilling careers in medicine.

What is offered

An initial assessment service linking with the doctor working in the Northern Territory to one of a team of experienced GPs via a telemedicine platform to discuss their health concerns and future risks discuss arrangements for face-to –face follow up.

It is not intended to be an ongoing substitute for a face-to-face consultation. For further information please contact Doctors' Health SA/NT Medical Director, Dr Roger Sexton on 0408 089 423.