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We have grown our community-based GP network of very experienced primary care doctors who have received additional training needed to meet the specific needs of doctors and medical students.

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Alice Springs

Please note that this service is available ONLY to registered doctors and medical students.

Dr David Simon

Bauhinia Health, Katherine

08 7903 2100

Dr Diana Erickson

Oasis Medical Centre
Shop 34, Oasis Shopping Centre
Palmerston, NT, 0830

08 8932 4333

Dr Sam Heard

Central Australian Aboriginal Congress (Congress)

**Phone the number and advise you have been referred by Doctors' Health NT.

(08) 8951 4400

Dr Bronwyn Carson

Pandanus Medical NT
T21 Jape Homemaker Village 356-366 Bagot Road, Millner NT


08 8945 2488