DRS4DRS National Website

DRS4DRS has been developed by the medical profession for the medical profession.

Through it's network of doctors’ health advisory and referral services (which includes Doctors' Health SA), they offer an independent, safe, supportive and confidential service.

DRS4DRS promotes the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students across Australia.

Created for doctors to help them find the support they need – online resources, referral services and importantly for wellbeing, we’ll help you find a GP.

The learning module at “Be a Dr4Drs” aims to broaden doctors understanding of their own health and the health of the medical profession. It explores the importance of prevention and timely intervention, the help-seeking behaviour of doctors and the benefits of having your own GP.

A National Mental Health Support Service is now available, operated by Converge International, available 24/7, 365 days a year, for all doctors and medical students, phone 1300 374 377 (1300 DR4 DRS) or visit webpage here.