"How are YOU going doctor?"

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A recent social media campaign called #socksfordocs, encouraged doctors and other health professionals to don their favourite socks to raise the awareness of the mental health of our medical practitioners.  This campaign was prompted by the recent suicides of four doctors and the need for the profession to unite more closely, and encourage each other to reach out when things become far too overwhelming.

The team at Doctors' Health SA has worked alongside many doctors over the years who have sought support for their mental and/or physical health. We provide a highly confidential, professional and caring clinical service to all doctors and medical students across South Australia. 

Doctors' Health SA is operated by the medical profession for the profession. Our services and programs have been developed over many years, influenced by listening and understanding the needs of doctors and medical students.  Doctors' Health SA trains and supports a state-wide GP network; operates an after hours GP clinic; provision of an emergency 24/7 telephone line; education and training; and other relevant activities supporting the health and wellbeing of all doctors and students.

We launched this, our brand new website, in April this year. This website is a central portal of information and booking platform for doctors and medical students. We also encourage practice staff to know this site as well. The website could be included in practice orientation when welcoming a new doctor to the team. Our website can be an added support mechanism for doctors in managing their busy medical professional lives.  If you are based in the NT, or working there for a period, the Doctors' Health NT website is

Our clinical team are here to help you at any stage of your medical career. We facilitate doctors for doctors training every year and every GP in our network undertakes a yearly 'refresher'.  If you prefer to seek your own GP in the community, this is our list of trained GPs whom you may wish to connect with.

Life in general can have many pressures and we know that life as a medical doctor has added pressures. Sustainable doctors value checkups and engage a range of advisers to assist them to meet the demands of medical work. Having your own GP to offer preventive and ongoing medical care is an important example.  

Our Medical Director, Dr Roger Sexton, found this recent article and noted the useful links and important key information. For your reading interest "What needs to happen to build resilience and improve mental health among junior doctors"

Doctors' Health SA - 24/7 Support Line 8366 0250 - Available to medical practitioners and medical students ONLY.