Doctors' Health NT Officially Launched

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Doctors’ Health NT ‘officially’ launched at the recent Compass Learning & Education Conference on Saturday 14th October.

The concept of a doctors’ health program for Northern Territory doctors and medical students originated at the Compass Conference in 2016, where Doctors’ Health SA’s (DHSA) Medical Director, Dr Roger Sexton facilitated a ‘self-care workshop’ for doctors. The NT PHN, NTGPE and AMA(NT) joined in support of establishing the program with strong links to the South Australian doctors’ health service.

Supported with funding from the Medical Board of Australia and NT PHN key elements of the founding program have been implemented. This includes the formation of a local Advisory Committee, training of ‘doctors for doctors’, a dedicated website and promotional resources, supported with links to the South Australian Urgent Advisory phone line for doctors and medical students available 24/7.

“Attending the Compass conference this year was not only to launch the program, but importantly to raise the awareness of the vital supports and resources available to doctors and medical students,” said Program Officer, Kiara Cannizzaro.

The launch concluded with a presentation at the Compass Breakfast on the Sunday morning where participants were able to ask questions and gain more information about a range of resources available to medical professionals and practices.

“It was a pleasure to be a part of Compass we are extremely pleased with the interest from NT doctors to support the program, and we are preparing to facilitate another ‘doctors for doctors’ training session in 2018”, Kiara said.

Key information shared at Breakfast included the beyondblue guide to developing a mentally healthy workplace, which can be found at this link.

If you have a general enquiry about the program please contact Program Officer, Kiara Cannizzaro at or if you have a clinical matter please contact Medical Director, Dr Roger Sexton at   

The Doctors' Health NT booth at Compass 2017