Hospital Doctors Wellbeing

Working as a medical practitioner in a hospital in the Northern Territory is a unique, rich and challenging experience. The Doctors' Health NT program works closely with local medical staff to assist when support is needed and provide information and presentations on how to maintain good health and wellbeing in a busy doctor role.

Key Supports to Hospital Doctors


Doctors' Health & Wellbeing Group - DRAFT CONTENT - to be approved by Wellbeing Group

Be inspired/get involved

[links to programs, ideas, groups, individuals  that are working towards improving the health and wellbeing of our people everywhere] Eg: Dr Francis and timor leste project; Dr Kush – Nepal doctors program

  • Healing Garden Project Tamarind centre sensory garden project
  • Women in medicine group

Pathways to access support – develop some guides for if a doctor comes to you in trouble

What's happening - [in this space in each department? eg: anaesthetic mentoring program, ED drs health program]

Find your own GP - connect with local GPs who are experienced and trained through Doctors' Health NT.

Telemedicine - an alternative if you are unable to link with a local GP in your area is to make an appointment with the telemedicine service and have your initial consult with a GP online.  There is also services available to link with psychology services.

Urgent Support & Advice - Call 08 8366 0250

Doctors' Health NT provides a 24/7 phone line that is operated by experienced GPs based in the NT and SA. You may phone this line anonymously and seek support about your physical or mental wellbeing. The doctors on the line are able to assist you immediately and connect you with services that you may need beyond the phone call.